A website to support the community, hollistic, volunteering and social activity in Cardiff City Centre

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This website was set up in 2016/2017 as a holding page whilst more holistic links are developed. This is no small part down to the experiences of working in the City Centre in the 1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s and now 2020’s. Whilst many positive examples exist of good practise; regretably many negative things have occured which reduces our efficiencies, our health, our social integration and our wellbeing.

How can the city centre gain a more sustainable and community orientated focus supporting:

  • The local businesses, ensuring long term development and not just setting up and being forced to shut down within a short period of time.
  • Encouraging more local procurement, increasing local skills and maintaining many traditional veteran skills that we can not allow to dissapear from our social remit.
  • Supporting the links between citizens, the local authorities, local industry and others.
  • Supporting the vulnerable, the homeless, the isolated and supporting integration of services to help all these social phenomenon work together.
  • Having a one stop shop point of highlighting the positive regular monthly activities that help invigorate the city centre; supporting the homeless, protecting the vulnerable, art events, quiz nights, motivational speeches, comedy nights, charity events, volunteering and much else besides.

The experiences learned from reaching out to communities over the 2010’s has shown a willingness for people to co-operate on a community, unbiased and unmonetized level to support a stronger community roots/links and helping us create a more caring and functional centre of town.

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